Is Your Accumulation Equipment Wasting Your Production Line Operators’ Time?

As of November 2019, there were 388,000 jobs open in manufacturing. That month, 334,000 people were hired for manufacturing jobs, and 330,000 people quit manufacturing jobs. 

As everyone in industry knows, this problem is only predicted to get worse. A 2018 report from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute estimates that manufacturers will have as many as 2.4 million jobs to fill through 2028. This lack of qualified talent could cause the United States to lose as much as $454 billion in manufacturing GDP over that same period.

That’s a lot of open jobs…and a lot of potential revenue lost.

Obviously, it will take a multi-pronged approach to bridge the manufacturing workforce gap. But one course of action that all manufacturers can benefit from is assessing the kinds of tasks their production line operators perform on a regular basis. In doing so, they may discover opportunities to streamline their operations, reduce labor requirements, and free up their current employees’ time for higher-value tasks. 

For example, do your production line employees spend any time at all on tasks like these?

  • Dealing with downtime caused by product jams
  • Picking up products (e.g., vials, wine bottles) that have fallen over on the line
  • Manually moving products over conveyor transfer plates, i.e., dead plates between conveyors

All of these problems — equipment jams, fallen products, stranded products — are associated with poorly performing accumulation equipment. And we hear stories all of the time about skilled employees, who could be contributing much more substantively, spending their days on these kinds of tasks. That’s not good for worker morale or for the company’s bottom line.

At Garvey, we build our solutions specifically to avoid these kinds of problems. Our conveyors have no dead plates, and our accumulation systems have zero backpressure. Because of these patented designs, products don’t fall or become stranded and our machines don’t jam.

Your employees’ time is a resource that’s too valuable to waste. Contact us to learn how our accumulation equipment can help you optimize your operations.

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