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Garvey’s Pharmaceutical Solutions Help COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Protect Potency, Increase Throughput

Best-in-class vial drying, conveying, and accumulation solutions support the pharmaceutical industry’s effort to deliver safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines as quickly as possible BLUE ANCHOR, N.J. (PRWEB) JANUARY 29, 2021 Prior to 2020, most people outside of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries likely didn’t spend much time thinking about the vaccine supply chain. Now, it’s a topic […]

Is Your Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Broken Before It Starts?

As the world waits for a coronavirus vaccine, it seems reasonable to say that the operations of vaccine manufacturers has never been so much in the public eye. Our collective ability to get back to what we used to consider a normal life depends on the wide availability of a safe, effective vaccine. That will […]

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Achieve Run Rates of Up to 900 Vials Per Minute with Garvey’s Accumulation Systems

Patented pressureless loop technology and slowdown lanes facilitate the highest line speeds in the pharmaceutical industry. BLUE ANCHOR, N.J. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 Vials are the most common method of packaging many medicines, particularly injectable vaccines. This is because vials are small, easy to sterilize, and easy to transport. However, vials’ small size and light weight […]

When It Comes to Your Cold Chain, Are You Part of the 44.6%?

Every year, sales of temperature-controlled drugs, like vaccines, make up a larger part of overall pharma industry growth. In 2016, cold-chain drugs and biologics accounted for about one-quarter of global biopharma sales. In 2022, they’re expected to increase to one-third. According to Nick Basta, editor of Pharmaceutical Commerce, “The rule of thumb for many years […]

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Why Vaccine Makers Need to Improve Their Part of the Cold Chain

The vaccine cold chain is a complex system with many moving parts and multiple levels of accountability, including manufacturers, distributors, and providers. Every link in this chain is vulnerable to improper temperatures, which can render vaccines ineffective. Most of the information about the cold chain and how to improve it focuses on what happens after […]


3 Ways Vaccine Makers Can Help Ensure the Effectiveness of Their Products

In case you missed them, here are a few recent headlines that made the rounds: Ventura County administered thousands of vaccines that may not have worked Temperature mishap at clinic means children will need second vaccination shots Tetanus vaccine delivered in Leduc potentially ineffective: AHS In all three of these cases, the vaccines were rendered […]

Garvey Vial Dryer

Garvey Automatic Vial Dryer Keeps Vaccines Effective by Reducing Time Out of the Cold Chain

Unique system slashes vial drying times from 24-48 hours down to 5-15 minutes, helping pharmaceutical manufacturers maintain the cold chain during labeling and inspection BLUE ANCHOR, N.J. (PRWEB) MAY 23, 2019 The recent measles outbreaks have highlighted the importance of vaccination in protecting public health. In the United States alone, childhood immunizations are credited with […]

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How Accumulation Solves 3 Common Problems on Pharma Production Lines

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know that we’re big into maximizing throughput by helping food and beverage companies unleash the hidden capacity in their production lines. The pharma industry is a bit different. Like food and beverage processors, pharma manufacturers also face pressure to reduce processing time and increase output, […]