Description of Function

Infinity #1 will accumulate 2100 round bottles and 1300 rectangular bottles. Bottles will travel from the cooler in a mass flow and will exit bottles in a single file to feed the labeler. When exiting the rectangular bottler, the Infinity will exit them in a single file and oriented. This Infinity is a First In-First Out design. DOF 

Infinity #2 will accumulate 2120 round bottles and 1235 rectangular bottles. Bottles will travel from the labeler onto the Infinity. When running the round bottles we have two options for exiting the Infinity. Bottles can exit the south end of the table in a mass flow to feed the casepacker or exit the north end in two single files. The rectangular bottles need to exit the north end only from two single file lanes and oriented to feed the casepacker.

Product: PET Bottles



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