Frozen Food Trays

Description of Function

3D Infinity® Series Accumulator #1 will accumulate 225 Round Bowls and 133 Rectangular Medium “Deep” Trays. All Bowls and Trays will enter and convey en-masse from an existing freezer in a First In – First Out fashion and exit Bowls in a single file & Trays in a single file with narrow edge leading to feed an orientation feedscrew, then into an existing casepacker. All nested Bowls and wide edge leading Trays will bypass the outfeed area by means of a 3D SST Angle Slide from the outfeed elevation of 36” declining to 31.31” and recirculate towards the outfeed area inclining back to the outfeed elevation of 36” for exiting in single file.

Product: Frozen Food Trays

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