Single Serve Coffee Cups

Customer's Challenge

Our customer needed to accumulate single serve coffee cups without damaging them. The tapered design and light weight of the product made handling a difficult task.

Garvey's Solution

In order to properly move and accumulate the small cups, we initially needed to use our patented C-chute system to flip the cups upside down onto our system. Since the product and chain are moving at the same speed, there is little to no friction created on the label itself, protecting against any wear or damage.

Once the cups were oriented, the Rx Infinity® Accumulator conveyed product in single-file or accumulate en-masse as the condition dictated. The discharges were controlled by auto-gates and sensor arrays. Two single file discharges exited through a starwheel counter to an end transfer into a bulk bin, and one single file discharge exited via side transfer.

Product: Single Serve Coffee Cups

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