Garvey Corporation to Exhibit MH12 Robot at PACK Expo 2017

Global Leader in Producing Conveying, Accumulating, and Automation Solutions Puts Six-Axis Industrial Robot on Display at Their Booth

Blue Anchor, NJ – Garvey Corporation, a global leader in producing conveying, accumulating, and automation solutions will – for the first time in their attendance at the PACK Expo – exhibit the MH12 robot from Yaskawa at their boothFebruary 27 to March 1, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. Always on the forefront of the latest innovative solutions for the packaging industry, Garvey Corporation is proud to display this highly capable machine that allows for assembly, dispensing, machine tending, material handling, and packaging. The versatile design of the powerful high-speed six axis robot ideal for a broad range of applications boasts a contoured arm to improve access and reduce peripheral interferences as well as a hollow-arm design for ease of cable management and enhanced cable life.

Garvey’s booth will have a multi-lane out feed that creates a 4×4 pattern of bottles to be picked up by the robot. The MH12 will then place the bottles in a cardboard box to simulate a packing operation. Finally, the robot will place the bottles on a conveyor that will feed the bottles back onto the infinity accumulation table.

PACK EXPO Easy is one of the largest processing and packaging trade show in the world in 2017. The event features a marketplace of 400+ exhibitors displaying processing and packaging equipment and technologies for virtually every vertical market, drawing thousands of attendees and offering free educational presentations in several venues on the show floor. Attendees include corporate managers, engineers, sales managers, plant managers, manufacturers and production supervisors, brand and marketing managers, quality controllers, purchasers, research/development and package designers from a wide variety of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs).1

“It is an honor to attend and be a part of such an incredible expo among so many other great companies and innovative products. The number of people that attend is astonishing and there is a lot to learn and experience about the latest cutting-edge technologies out there,” shared Garvey Marketing Director Richard Garvey. “We’re proud to come out and represent our business going strong after nearly a century and we look forward to sharing our tremendous capabilities with any and all potential buyers.”

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About Garvey Corporation

Established in 1926, Garvey Corporation has grown into a global leader producing conveying, accumulating, and automation solutions. Their designs are unmatched in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries. They pride ourselves on handling unstable products better than anyone in the world and specialize in helping companies build efficient production lines and show how to maximize throughput for increased profitability. They do this by performing an expert line analysis on clients’ current automated lines and placing accumulation in the right location, which often can boost their overall, end-of-line, throughput by up to 30%. This increase is accomplished by identifying the constraint in the production line and to never allow other machine’s downtime to cause the constraint to stop when it is capable of running at full capacity.

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