Garvey Now Utilizing LEANTrak™: A Mobile Solution for Real-time Performance Management


BLUE ANCHOR, NJ – Garvey Corporation has partnered with Parsec, a world leader in real-time performance management systems, to provide LEANTrak™ to its customers.  LEANTrak™ is a portable monitoring system that may be rapidly deployed without installation, wiring, programming, or production disruption. With LEANTrak™, Garvey’s customers can instantly determine the value of an accumulation solution by collecting, storing and analyzing performance data. LEANTrak provides real-time intelligence on production flow, asset utilization, quality, and productivity. As a compliment to the Garvey Line Analysis, LEANTrak™ accurately records production line events and micro-stoppages that affect overall line efficiency.

Garvey understands that increasing efficiency is how their customers measure success. The partnership with Parsec is the latest example of how Garvey is helping its customers achieve their goals.

About Garvey

 Garvey Corporation is a global leader in conveying, accumulating, and automation solutions. Garvey’s patented products are the best in the world at handling small vials and unstable products. Their knowledge of the theory of constraints enables them to help companies build efficient production lines and maximize throughput for increased profitability. Garvey Corporation is headquartered in Blue Anchor, New Jersey and has sales offices throughout the United States. For more information about improving your productivity, please visit

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