Garvey Receives 2016 Award For Excellence from NJBIA


The New Jersey Business & Industry Association will honor 13 companies that have achieved excellence in business success, environmental protection, human resources management and community services at its annual Awards for Excellence Reception on October 19th at The Pines Manor in Edison. Garvey Corporation will be among this year’s award winners.  The following is an excerpt from the 2016 Awards for Excellence article published in the New Jersey Business magazine this month.

“Garvey Corporation is an American manufacturer that thrives in an age of global commerce. Garvey manufactures all of its material-handling equipment in New Jersey from start to finish, and thanks to its innovation and quality, the company sells its conveyors, accumulators, and automation systems to companies around the world.

Garvey prides itself on being able to solve clients’ problems. For example, when the pharmaceutical industry asked for a new method for drying vaccine vials, the company was able to reduce the time the vials were out of refrigeration to just 10 minutes. The old way left vaccines out of refrigerated storage for 24 to 48 hours.

Pharmaceutical Device

Garvey continues to innovate. In 2014, it adopted lean manufacturing methods, redoing the entire layout of the plant to reduce wasted motion. The company also designs its machines with 3D modeling software and fabricates the components using lasers and modern machine tools.

All of this paid off in sales. Revenue jumped 44% from 2014 to last year, and this year, Garvey is poised for another 20% increase in revenue. At the same time, Garvey expanded its workforce from 76 to over 95 employees, including a new controls engineer who will enable Garvey to add robotics systems to its line of products.”

About Garvey

Garvey Corporation is a global leader in conveying, accumulating, and automation solutions. Garvey’s patented products are the best in the world at handling small vials and unstable products. Their knowledge of the theory of constraints enables them to help companies build efficient production lines and maximize throughput for increased profitability. Garvey Corporation is headquartered in Blue Anchor, New Jersey and has sales offices throughout the United States. For more information about improving your productivity, please visit

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