Household & Personal Care Solutions

Household and personal care products can be challenging due to their wide range of shapes, sizes, packaging materials, and contents. Garvey’s patented accumulation and conveying solutions can maximize capacity on processing lines by streamlining the movement of products, regardless of their shape and size.

See our complete list of solutions for household and personal care applications below and check out our calculator to identify your constraint.

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Infinity Models

The Infinity™ Accumulation Table uses our patented technology to accumulate and single file even the most unstable of products at speeds that are unmatched in the industry. Using their patented loop technology, Garvey handles products with no backpressure, no breakage, no label damage and minimal noise.   Read more >

Bi-Flo Accumulation Tables

Whether your production line needs are small or large, Garvey has a Bi-Flo™ solution to fit your needs. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement, the Bi-Flo™ Accumulation Table is able to create a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint.  Read more >

GT Conveyor

The GT series conveyor is Garvey's latest innovative solution to your Table Top Conveyor System needs. The GT Series is designed to carry a wide variety of product at the widest variance of speeds. Its modular design allows for easy and quick design and re-design of your line.  Read more >

Mat Top Conveyor

Mat Top Conveyor belts provide long life and high impact resistance. The Mat Top-style conveyors are perfect for almost all handling applications because the belt construction is ideal for easy cleaning and low maintenance. Read more >

Gap Transporter

Garvey’s Gap Transporter is a versatile workhorse. With adjustments, it can be used as a gap transfer conveyor as well as depucking, elevating, spacing, label inspecting and bottom coding. Read more >

Infinity RX Rotary Replacement Models

These patented table top accumulators were developed to be simple and effective rotary table replacements or turntable accumulator replacements. The Infinity™ RX Rotary Replacement tables can out-feed products faster than traditional rotary tables with less pressure and no damage.  Read more >

Gripper Elevator

Garvey's Gripper Elevator/Lowerator is a vertical elevator that fits within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design. The vulcanized gripper surface opens or closes with a built-in handwheel, from less than 1" to a maximum of 12" separation (wider units are available on request).  Read more>

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