Packaging World Highlights Garvey Partnership With Parsec

The partnership between Garvey Corporation and Parsec was highlighted by PackWorld last week in an article titled “Portable tool good at pinpointing packaging line constraints.”

The article focuses on how and why Garvey utilizes Parsec’s data analytics expertise to find the constraint in our customer’s production lines. This, of course, is the most crucial step in determining if and where the weaknesses on a production line are and how we can work to find a solution that will increase thruput.

Our own Mike Somers was quoted explaining a recent account of the system in action saying, “We can set it up right in front of or right after just about any packaging machine in the line. Recently we put it right after a labeler. The LEANTrak photo cell sensor counts bottles going by, and if something hasn’t gone by for awhile, there must be a stoppage. So it records that stoppage and sets off an alarm so that an operator can enter the reason for the stoppage on the LEANTrak notebook PC. It’s not like we couldn’t get this kind of data in the past, but it was more typically done by a guy with a clipboard. This is more modern, more automated, and more accurate. You just press a button and up comes a dashboard where you can see what’s going on.”

Tom Garvey then summarized our partnership with Parsec. “At the end of the day, we get an exact efficiency number pinpointing how many minutes a machine was down, how many stoppages there were, and how long each one took. So instead of estimates, we’re using actual data. And we can move it around to different machines on the line if we’re not sure where the constraint is and get nice clean reports. Fantastic information, with nice graphs and charts.”

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