Garvey Rotary Table

Rotary Accumulation Table

Garvey's versatile Rotary Tables are designed for unscrambling, accumulating, or usage as a surge table. The table itself can be constructed in four size stainless steel discs (Series 1546 available in 30" and 36", while Series 1500 is available in 48" and 60"), with speeds ranging from 10-50 FPM rim speed to 40-125 FPM rim speed depending on size. Garvey's Rotary Accumulation Table also utilizes Zero-Pressure Accumulation to limit any damage to products.

Variations on the design can be made to fit your needs. Center plows, special exit guides, stationary or pivoting dump tables, kickback wheels (for square or rectangular product) and vial detrayers are common options. Cabinet construction is available in painted steel for the 1500 series table, and stainless steel for the 1546 series table.

Garvey's Rotary Accumulation Table can handle very small products, is economical to run and has a small footprint.





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