Bi-Flo™ Accumulation Table

Whether your production line needs are small or large, Garvey has a Bi-Flo™ solution to fit your needs. By utilizing opposing conveyor movement, the Bi-Flo™ Accumulation Table is able to create a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint. 

In 1980 Fran Garvey invented the first Bi-Flo™ Accumulator. The basic design is now used in production facilities all over the world, however, Garvey Corporation has perfected this machine and manufacture it with a level of perfection above other OEMs. This means accumulating, single filing, and orienting all kinds of products is easier, cleaner and more efficient than other models on the market. It uses two conveyors running in opposite directions to recirculate the product during downstream malfunctions. Changeover for various sizes is as simple as loosening up a few hand knobs and adjusting the opening to the downstream conveyor to fit the desired size.

Garvey’s Bi-Flo™ Accumulation Tables can be designed in a wide variety of constructions and infeed/outfeed combinations to fit your company’s needs. Construction varies from stainless or painted steel, to clean-line or open top, just to name a few. Infeed and outfeed lanes/areas can be designed in many configurations making Garvey’s Bi-Flo™ the perfect choice for your accumulation table needs.

The Multizone Bi-Flo™ Table was designed to feed a case packer with multiple products. It does so using only one accumulator, rather than multiple, enabling valuable floor space to be efficiently utilized. This machine was designed for the food industry using FDA Grade raised wearstrips and other features for easy cleaning.

Increase Efficiency

  • Boost Productivity
  • Maximize Line Uptime
  • Keep Constraint Running
  • Eliminate Backpressure


  • Single File
  • Lane Divide
  • On Demand Flow Divide

Lean Manufacturing

  • Lower Motor Count
  • Minimize Energy Use
  • Reduce Space Requirements
  • Minimize Friction & Noise

Simple Design

  • Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Best Return On Investment
  • Proven Industry Results
  • Lowest Operation Costs
  • Zero-Pressure Accumulation

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Configurations Options

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