Infinity™ RX 60″ Rotary Replacement

Rotary Table Replacement

This table top accumulator was developed to be a simple and effective rotary table replacement or turntable accumulators replacement. The patented Infinity™ RX 60” can out-feed products faster than a traditional rotary table and with less pressure and no damage. This rotary accumulation table replacement uses virtually the same footprint as a traditional rotary table, with greatly reduced pressure and noise. The Rotary Table Replacement allows conveyors to eliminate virtually all vial damage with also accumulating vials effectively.

Garvey’s systems are designed to be as simple as possible, ensuring the highest level of reliability. With the lowest operational cost of any accumulator on the market, the Infinity™ keeps maximum production more affordable than ever. This product is primarily used with the pharmaceutical industry but works with a vast array of different products.

Increase Efficiency

  • Boost Productivity
  • Maximize Line Uptime
  • Keep Constraint Running
  • Eliminate Backpressure


  • Single File
  • Lane Divide
  • On Demand Flow Divide

Lean Manufacturing

  • Lower Motor Count
  • Minimize Energy Use
  • Reduce Space Requirements
  • Minimize Friction & Noise

Simple Design

  • Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Best Return On Investment
  • Proven Industry Results
  • Lowest Operation Costs
  • Zero-Pressure Accumulation

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