6000 Series Conveyor

Raised Top Chain Conveyor

Garvey Corporation's 6000 series conveyors are a raised top chain conveyor and it is designed to carry nearly any product. This "Raised Wearstrip" conveyor work wells in nearly any application in the pharmaceutical, food, or cosmetic industry. For easy maintenance and product protection, this conveyor incorporates a unique raised wearstrip design that permits debris to fall free. This raised top chain conveyor allows easy detection of particulates under the conveying surface. The Series 6000 conveyor is available in modular sections to permit more efficient use of floor space and to enable line changes to be made more economically.

Construction Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • UHMWPE Wearstrips
  • Multiple Chain Widths - 3” to 7.5”
  • Multiple Drive Options
  • Raised Top Chain Conveyor

Module Assembly Lengths

  • Drive Modules - 18” 24” & 30”
  • Tail Modules - 18” 24” & 30”
  • Intermediate Modules - 12” to 60”

Curve Module Options

  • 45 Degree Curve
  • Flush One Side 45 Degree Curve
  • 90 Degree Curve
  • Flush One Side 90 Degree Curve

Simple Design

  • Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Best Return On Investment
  • Proven Industry Results
  • Lowest Operation Costs

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