Mat Top Conveyors

Mat Top Conveyor

Mat Top Conveyor belts provide long life and high impact resistance. The Mat Top-style conveyors are perfect for almost all handling applications because the belt construction is ideal for easy cleaning and low maintenance.

The design flexibility is another benefit of the Mat Top Conveyors since they allow for ease of layout. The variety of interchangeable belts also allow products to be transported in minimum floor space.

The belts we use provide a quiet, smooth, trouble-free performance. These conveyors can handle a wide range of products while maintaining a very stable product flow with virtually no damage or falling products. 

Construction Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • UHMWPE Wearstrips
  • Multiple Chain Widths - 3” to 48”
  • Multiple Drive Options
  • Comb Dead Plates
  • Dynamic Transfers

Module Assembly Lengths

  • Drive Modules - 24” 30” & 36”
  • Tail Modules - 18” 24” 30” & 36”
  • Intermediate Modules - 12” to 60”
  • Center Drives

Simple Design

  • Minimize Maintenance Costs
  • Best Return On Investment
  • Proven Industry Results
  • Lowest Operation Costs

Mat Top

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