Garvey Lubrication System

Reducing Friction



Here is the basic overview of how it operates: Corner lubrication is done the same way it was done using the Lincoln pumps. The pictures below and below show how lubrication is applied to the top surface of the chain. On the returns/underneath the table UHMWPE blocks are mounted and the chain rides along on them. The UHMWPE blocks do not push on the chain - it contacts the blocks via catenary sag and leads into the return tracks. The block has holes in it to allow lube to be dispersed. A drop of lube is slowly forced upward by the pump and is spread along the chain as it passes over the block.

The following two pictures are just to show that this is a closed loop system. Meaning that the pump itself has an outfeed and an infeed to maintain pressure in the lines. Along that loop, there are dosing units with valves. The second picture shows how this works. When a lube cycle is signaled the pump pushes lube through the loop which increases the pressure in the valves and fills a chamber with lube. The pump stops and that chamber of lube in the valves is slowly forced out onto the chain or corner track via a spring. The spring (speed of lube release) can be adjusted with a screwdriver.

CHP Lube System on a Garvey System

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Infinity Friction Test

Infinity Friction Test

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