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The Garvey Sales Team is a very knowledgeable group and are ready to talk today. Contact us through email, phone, or any of the social media icons listed below to learn what we can do for you.

Sales Team Member Mike Earling

Mike Earling

Michael Earling is a 30-plus-year veteran of packaging equipment design and operation, giving him real-world experience with issues regarding all aspects of material handling.

 Starting in 1981 at Garvey, he spent over a decade managing the engineering department before transitioning into sales. In 2001, Mike played a key role in developing the pressureless loop accumulation system that is now in use around the globe. As a result of his success, Michael has become a speaker on various packaging topics. Audiences at Pack Expo shows and other trade shows have heard him speak and his insights on material handling and equipment design are highly regarded.  

VP of Sales
Ph: 609-561-2450 x153

Sales Team Member Jake Garvey

Jake Garvey

 A graduate of Cal Poly with a degree in Industrial Technology and Packaging, Jake has been a member of the Garvey Team since 2003. He served on PMMI’s education committee from 2006 to 2015. He is currently the chairman of the PMMI membership committee. 

Midwest Sales Engineer and Director of OEM Sales
Ph: 609-617-0600

Sales Team Member Tom Lauchert

Tom Lauchert

Tom joined the Garvey team in 1999. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he now represents Garvey as the Sales Engineer for the Southern Territory of the United States.

Sales Team Member Mike Somers

Mike Somers

Mike joined the Garvey Sales Team in 1999. He is the Sales Engineer for the Northeast Territory.

Northeast Sales Engineer
Ph: 609-561-2450

Sales Team Member Bill Reese

Bill Reese

Bill joined the Garvey Sales Team in 2011. He is our Applications Engineer and Proposal Manager.

Proposal Manager
Ph: 609-949-4648

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