Garvey Testing Department

Our customers might ask us the fastest rate at which we can single file their container or if we can accumulate a very unstable product. We don't like to guess. At Garvey, we have a complete testing area where we take our customers samples and run them on our various machines. We then provide all the relevant data along with detailed videos and photographs to prove our solution works.

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Our testing area includes the following machines:

  • Biflo 2466
  • Rx48 infinity rotary replacement table
  • High speed infinity Rx for small vials
  • Tray loader
  • Gap transporter
  • G5 Infinity
  • Pressureless Combiner
  • 9600 Series Table Top Chain Conveyor
  • GT Conveyor
  • Custom Biflo with infeed and outfeed

If you have a product you want us to test, you can also reach out to us here and we will start working on your solution today.